Bus Routes

The school has its own fleet of well - maintained buses for providing transportation facility to its students on fixed routes. The students may use available routes convenient to them from stops determined by the school authorities. All precautions are taken for the safety of the students as per guidelines issued from time to time by the CBSE and the regional transport authorities. Transport fee is charged for eleven months only. There is no provision for part withdrawal or one way charge. A transportation card with the details of the student is issued to each student which he/she has to carry while in transit.

Presently ,school vehicles are plying on the following routes-
  ROUTE -1. Manikpur-Budhaich-Sahpau town-Peehura-Madhaka-Nagla Brahman.
  ROUTE -2. Bisana- Garhi Ahvaran
  ROUTE -3. Bamauli