Admission Procedure
Our History

  The school prospectus along with the admission form can be obtained from the school office.
 The applicants are required to appear for a simple admission test after which admission may be granted or refused.
  Students are required to submit Transfer certificates from their previous schools and date of birth certificate issued by a competent authority along with the completed admission form.
 Parents are requested not to meet the teachers directly. Any problem should first be discussed with the vice-principal. They are welcome to meet her/his on any working day between 9 and 10 am. They can meet her/him at any other time also with prior appointment. The parents will be given opportunity to meet the teacher also at the time fixed by the principal.


  To make the child physically and mentally fit for the infinite challenges of the new millenium and future career.
  To strive tirelessly for the all round development of each student by developing in them habits of discipline and virtue and try to make them responsible citizens of the country.
  To cultivate in the students love and appreciation for their culture and tradition.
  To inculcate in them sense of values.
  To induce each student to make the school motto i.e LOVE, TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE his / her guiding force in and outside the school.